Many of the individuals could have heard that triplets or quadruplets were born to a woman all at once. But, the most fascinating fact is that a woman referred to as Nadya Suleman gave birth to 8 babies or octuplets in one go. This is the reason she is named as octomom. Listening to this most of the individuals were surprised and astonished of this miracle occurrence. The main fascinating thing is this octomom already have six kids. So totally she has about fourteen children of the age of eight. This octomom topic became hot such that some people were excited that how can it be possible to give birth to 8 babies at once. Few other people criticized that she wanted to have a big family in this manner and gave critics that this mom is a machine of baby making.octuplets


Few mentions that this octomom is single and not employed. Many people think that she is selfish that in order to have big family she gave birth to octuplets. This octomom now finds it difficult to manage her finances as she has no job and there are fourteen children total to take care of. It has even been speculated that she could be interested in leasing her likeness to Netent casino sites like these to try and boost her visibility and act as a modest source of income. Before this the mom was a nude model and celebrity This octomom is not independent financially and she was not able to take decisions that are productive. She even fought with baby sitters who tried to guide and help her. Most of the people claim that she did all this for gaining attention from the people. She was able to draw that focus on her but even criticized intensely.


What are the eight facts of this octomom?


This octomom life is like a roller coaster ride as there are up and downs in any person’s like, she also has many in her life mainly after being a mother of octuplets. Let’s know the facts of this octomom.


  1. Before becoming into an octomom, this person began her career in the mental hospital and left it due to injury on the back. She utilized the cash that she got from payments of disability for her treatments of in-vitro fertilization to give birth to 6 kids. This mom was a graduate in development of adolescent and child care. While being pregnant with 8 children, she went on to do masters.


  1. The eight kids she was bearing were born to her through the treatments of IVF which were implanted as embryos by a physician. It was totally twelve were implanted but resulted into octuplets.


  1. This mom is a graduate in child care or development of adolescent. So, she is now fully supporting the control of birth at an organization.Nadya Suleman octuplets


  1. The octomom put different names that are biblical but all with similar middle name that is angel.


  1. This mom never mentioned the actual father of this octuplets. As she only said that her friend provided sperms which are utilized to produce embryos of about sixty that is seemed to be implanted to her by the doctor physician.


  1. The octomom was also professional boxing celebrity as a little lived profession.


  1. She also won AVN award which is similar to an Oscar award for the video of porn.


  1. The house she purchased was under auction after this octomom gave birth to octuplets after she failed to pay her loan. She has to live in the homes that are rented and even saving her home was dismissed because this mom didn’t do the whole paperwork of bankruptcy.


Thus, these are some of the facts of this octomom who gave birth to eight kids all at once.