There come many situations in life where you need to make fake records. Although this is not a legal activity but sometimes there is no other option. As there are severe consequences involved, you should always try this only and when you have no other option left and you are completely aware of the consequences. There are many positive uses of these fake transcripts as well. For instance, a school or college, which has recently been established might need to see the transcripts of good old established organizations and this is the best way to find these transcripts online. There are many places on the internet which have downloadable transcripts available and you can download them for free and can fill the personal information for use. You can also use these documents for fun purposes to inspire your friends.

Situations when one might need these fake documents:

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are many occasions when one might need these fake documents. Following are some of the occasions which are enlisted below in which these transcripts might help:

  • When you are out of the country and your original documents are present in hometown
  • When original documents are lost, and you do not have enough time to get the duplicates
  • You need them for educational purposes as a mentor
  • You want to copy the style and font for your newly established organization
  • You want to show certificate of your homeschooling

Except a few of the above-mentioned reasons, all of them are legitimate to download the fake transcripts. Especially, when you want to copy the design and font of these documents, there is no better way available on the internet because these templates provide you with an opportunity to download the editable formats and use them the way you want. In addition to that, you can use these files for educational purposes where you want to train the staff of a university on how to create the result sheets for students.


Homeschooling is getting famous with the passage of time but unfortunately there are no universities which acknowledge this thing at present. These result sheets can be a proof of your home-schooling if you create them in a professional way. The best thing is when you have the grades available with you. In this situation you would only be producing a replica, and this would reduce the effect of wrongdoings. Many people make their own transcripts when they have gained homeschooling and have no proper record for their education.

Things to keep in mind:

As mentioned earlier, it is not a right way to get the duplicate transcript. You should always first try to get it in the legal way by completing all the formalities. But if you have time limitations and you do not want to waste an opportunity, and you are well aware of all the actual grades, you can go for this option. But, do not ignore following points while creating a fake report because otherwise chances of being caught would increase incredibly and you might face severe consequences.

  • If you are creating a homeschooling certificate, it should be mentioned at the face that you are doing this on purpose and the reason is just to certify that you have completed your organization in an unregistered way.
  • Get the document attested properly
  • Do not mention the subjects you do not know. Always mention the subjects which you have actually taken and have a good knowledge about them
  • There should always be a synchronization between the actual degree and the transcript. Transcript is a less important document as compared to the original degree. Therefore, if you have original document, you might face no issues.
  • Do not present this fake document at places where policies are strict, e.g. for getting higher education and for getting government jobs. Make sure that you have something to back up your fake You should originally possess the same subject degree with same grade.
  • Do not include the official seal of the university

The availability of different templates on the internet has made it easy for people to create their own templates and use them for different purposes. However, the purpose of using these templates should be positive and there should be no bad intention of using these documents. If someone is using these fake documents for fraudulent activities, he would be responsible for his own doings. When you have an original degree to back up your result sheet, you should feel safer as compared to the person who has nothing to back up against the fake result sheet. Always make sure that your fake transcript never reaches to the organizations which have strict checking policies. It should only be used for small purposes.

As a newly established organization, you have an opportunity to use these transcripts and create one of yours. You can download different transcripts and can compare them to take best designs from all and can create a unique format of your own. The best part of these template providing websites is that these are editable, and you can easily manage to copy and paste things from one transcript to another. Once you are done with the editing, you can download the document and can print to check the actual result. These websites provides you an opportunity to design the new result sheet format without a problem.